Official results for the 2016 primary election have been posted, with very little change to the initial results.

Republicans David Falletti, Christopher Smith, Larry Schwartz and Anita Judd-Jenkins all won their respective primaries in unofficial voting results Aug. 2.

Smith, Schwartz and Falletti will take their respective positions in January 2017, while Judd-Jenkins will face off against Caldwell Democrat Michelle Schiltz in the general election.

After canvassing, Judd-Jenkins held her lead on current House District 80 Rep. Kasha Kelley, R-Arkansas City.

Judd-Jenkins ended up winning in Cowley County by only eight votes, but her lead in Sumner County grew to 128 votes after canvassing there.

Current County Attorney Christopher Smith beat his opponent, City Attorney Tamara Niles. His lead for the 19th Judicial District Division 2 seat remained more than 350 votes.

The race to replace him as county attorney included two current deputy attorneys and an attorney who formally worked for the Cowley County Attorney’s Office.

Deputy County Attorney Schwartz maintained an 850-vote lead on Matt Wilson and a 1,768-vote lead on Joshua Albin for the position.

Schwartz picked up 31 write-in votes in the canvassing and Wilson picked up 17.

Several local attorneys picked up write-in votes, too, including:

  • 15 votes for Niles;
  • 15 votes for Smith;
  • 1 vote for Lee Velasquez;
  • 1 vote for Timothy Showalter.

Falletti won the race for Cowley County sheriff by nearly 1,500 votes.

He picked up 90 of those as write-in votes, while his opponent Doug Allison caught 54 write-in votes.

Current Cowley County Sheriff Don Read received four write-in votes.