I first discovered Peter Clines when I received a copy of The Fold for review.Paradox Bound, by Peter Clines

I ended up loving it and since have kept my eyes open for new novels of his.

I was doubly excited when I found out his new novel, Paradox Bound, centers on one of my all-time favorite subjects.

The novel follows Eli and a mysterious woman named Henry as they search for the “American dream” through time.

If that premise doesn’t grab your attention, then consider that they are on the run from literally faceless bad guys looking to stop them.

Clines’ writing is very visual and it would be the perfect source material to adapt into a movie.

Faced-paced and hitting all of the notes you’d expect, Paradox Bound is a highly enjoyable tale with cameos from famous figures and a new spin on time travel.

I really enjoy the way that Clines uses time travel in the story, taking it and giving it his own flavor.

In the hands of a lesser writer, time travel can become a tired and overdone trope, but Clines handles it with expert ease.

I enjoyed the characters of Eli and Henry, and was thoroughly engrossed in the outcome of the story.

Fans of alternative history and science fiction should give Paradox Bound a shot — it’s worth the time.

About Clines

Peter Clines


Peter Clines has published several pieces of short fiction and countless articles on the film and television industries.

He is the author of The Fold and the acclaimed Ex-Heroes series. He lives in southern California.