Pokémon Go quickly has become the most popular app in the United States.

PokémonThe game has its perks, among them encouraging youths of all ages to get up, go outside and exercise.

The app actually does not function unless you are up and walking.

The game has its origins in the original Pokémon cartoon, which began airing in 1998.

The creators of Pokémon have been marketing the small fighting creatures since, whether through plush toys or electronic games.

The app asks a few setup questions that players can use to customize their own avatars for the game.

After the setup process is complete, the player is set upon a map with large squares that vaguely resemble the structure of the streets surrounding the player.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about the app is that it will tell you when a virtual Pokémon is close by.

In order to catch a Pokémon, you simply click on the Pokémon icon and then throw one of the Pokéballs at it.

This would seem to negate the need for the player to have his or her eyes metaphorically glued to the device’s screen while playing.

While the app was intended to increase the activity levels of today’s youths, it has had some unexpected impacts.

For example, the app has become so popular that it currently is the No. 1 item searched for on the web, according to Google Trends.

It actually has knocked pornography out of the No. 1 position, where that subject had reigned supreme for quite some time.

There also are a couple of downsides to the app. For one, no one has control of whether or not a Pokémon appears in their home or office.

Both the Arlington Cemetery and the Holocaust Memorial have asked that people not hunt for Pokémon while visiting those sites.

Some restaurants in the U.S. have limited Pokémon Go players’ access to their facilities unless they are paying customers.

There were two Pokémon in the Daily Bytes office on Thursday — both since have been caught.

But they just as easily could have been in the middle of the Cowley County Jail in Winfield.

Parents should caution their children to remain safe while hunting Pokémon.

Other local entities have embraced the new craze. For instances, the Arkansas City Public Library is promoting a library “Pokéshop” where players can replenish their Pokéballs while browsing for books.

Wherever players go, they should carefully observe their surroundings, including nearby people and vehicles.