The Arkansas City Police Department has joined the ranks of other agencies across the country that have created Lip Sync Challenge videos.

Arkansas City police released their #LipSyncPD video, in which more than half of the department participated, on July 10.

By midday, it already had more than 40,000 views on Facebook. Now it has more than 50,000 views and counting.

“It’s part of a viral thing on the internet,” said School Resource Officer Matt Mayo. “We can’t take credit for the idea.”

“We … thought we needed to do one to show support and to show how awesome our department is,” said Records Clerk Shanelle Rice.

“It was a ‘stop, collaborate and listen,’” said School Resource Officer Chase Hobart. “Many of us have been ‘tagged’ in these videos and we knew there (weren’t) many Kansas law enforcement agencies that have done it yet, so we wanted to be one of the first.”

ACPD challenged the Arkansas City Fire-EMS Department, the Cowley County and Sumner County sheriff’s offices, Cowley County Emergency Communications, Cowley County Emergency Management, and the El Dorado and Wellington police departments to record their own videos.

Community lip sync participation

The video features three different songs, as well as some special members of the community, including the Arkansas City High School and Cowley College mascots, Sally the Bulldog and Tank the Tiger.

130 popsicles ❄️, 2 hours in mascot costumes 🦁🐯🐶, 1 hour in the heat 🔥🌡️, innumerable laughs 😂, a load of team building 💪 and a ton of community interaction 🖤💙🖤 has brought you this video 🎥 which we hope you enjoy!

ACPD coordinated with the Ark City Rec Center’s IYQ Camp in order for the children to be involved in the Popsicle Patrol portion of the video.

“The kids were awesome,” said Police Officer Cori Tuxhorn.

“They did a great job,” said Police Officer Wade Hammond, who stands at the front of the pack during the last portion of the video.

“They had some great dance moves,” Rice said. “Kami and Randy Tagle Jr. participate in a lot of things the department puts on. They were the ones dancing by Officer Hammond in the park.”

“We really wanted to highlight community involvement, especially through programs like Popsicle Patrol,” said ACPD Lt. Eric Burr, who narrates the video.

Opportunity for silliness

While none of the officers involved took full credit for the choreography or the initiative to create the video, those who participated all had their own thoughts about the best part of the experience.

“My favorite part was watching everyone participate and the teamwork we had, plus all the mess ups!” Rice said. “I’ve never laughed so hard.”

“Seeing all of the teamwork!” Records Clerk Demi Ames said of her favorite bit. “And of course the laughs. We should’ve made a bloopers reel.”

“I love that the community gets to see us be real (silly) people!” Tuxhorn said.

“We have such a serious job that those opportunities are few and far between.”

The viral video can be viewed on the Arkansas City Police Department’s Facebook page or at