Those interested in studying personalities definitely will want to check out Anne Bogel’s Reading People.

Reading PeopleThe author is known best for her popular blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy, which I have visited a few times through the years.

But funnily enough, it was the book’s subject matter that caught my eye first, before I recognized the author’s name.

Lots of us can be sucked in easily by personality quizzes — from Teen Vogue to Facebook clickbait, they are everywhere — and they can drain hours of our lives away if we let them.

Bogel does an excellent job of breaking down different types of personalities and explaining why your personality causes you to do certain things and react in different ways.

She has a super-friendly writing style that makes it feel as though you are talking to a friend, which was the perfect approach for this book.

You can tell Bogel did a lot of research into the subject. It’s extremely detailed, but written in a way that is easy to read.

This is a perfect read to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you.

Dealing with other people can be much easier if you understand why they — and you — react to things the way they do.

I definitely recommend this book very highly!