History has experienced something of a popular resurgence in the last couple of decades, especially World War II history.

I credit HBO’s “Band of Brothers” and the 1998 should-have-been-Best-Picture “Saving Private Ryan” for helping to make that happen.

One of the greatest things about the World Wide Web is the fact that one can connect with like-minded people with just a few clicks of a mouse.

There are a lot of people who love to learn about history, ranging from well-known areas such as World War II to more “niche” topics.

So for all the history lovers out there, here are three history podcasts you should be downloading.

They basically are all ear candy for the aspiring history buffs.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

This is a great listen.

The hosts, Tracy Wilson and Holly Frey, explore some of history’s lesser-known incidents.

Recent episode topics include Aphra Behn, a spy and the first woman known to make a living as a writer; the New London School explosion; and Jamaica’s Maroon Wars.

A great thing about this podcast is that when the information is not 100-percent verifiable, the hosts tell you that.

Plus, there are links to all of their research sources on their website, www.missedinhistory.com.

Dan Snow’s History Hit

British historian Dan Snow runs the podcast Dan Snow’s History Hit.

The podcast features reports from around the world where history has been made and interviews with some of today’s most accomplished historians.

Recent episode topics include America’s entry into World War I, Islam and the Tudors, and women in the Royal Navy.

Those who enjoy this podcast also can subscribe to Dan Snow’s History Hit on YouTube, where he films videos on just as interesting, but different topics.

Footnoting History

This podcast was created by historian Elizabeth Keohane-Burbridge.

What is different about this ’cast is that “our rotating ensemble of podcasters all possess graduate degrees in the field of history,” according to the Footnoting History website.

“Each historian conducts his or her own research, as well as writing his or her own content.”

Keohane-Burbridge herself possesses a doctorate in medieval history.

Recent topics on the biweekly podcast include how the creators of “Curious George” escaped the Nazis, early American newspapers and the freedom of the press, and Victorian Christmas ghost stories.

There obviously are a lot of really awesome history podcasts out there and this trifecta really just serves as a starter pack.

If you like any of these and need more recommendations, just let me know in the comments!