Arkansas City residents have many options for charitable giving year-round.

Salvation Army givingHowever, there are even more to choose from around Christmas time.

One notable addition in December is the Salvation Army Red Kettle program.

This year, bell ringers can be found in the usual places, such as Walmart and Dillons, as well as at Steamy Joe.

The Red Kettle organizer this year is Mary Robinson. She can be contacted at (620) 441-8694.

Family Life Services (FLS) recently took over the distribution of Salvation Army funds in Arkansas City.

“The key is getting (the funds) to the people who need them,” said FLS Director Tim Durham.

People who are seeking help from the Salvation Army may contact FLS at (620) 442-1688.

FLS also accepts donations, both through monetary means and through the giving of items.

Milk, Bread and Eggs

Milk, Bread and Eggs is a local nonprofit started by Christopher and Mitchell Gingher.

This ministry effort currently is in need of donations.

It provides individuals with a voucher for 1 gallon of milk, a loaf of bread and one dozen eggs.

These vouchers are distributed through local churches and other avenues.

The vouchers then are taken to Country Mart to be redeemed for the milk, bread and eggs.

This ministry is ongoing and can be donated to throughout the year.

Funds may be donated to Milk, Bread and Eggs at First Presbyterian Church. Any donations made are tax-deductible. Checks should be made payable to First Presbyterian Church, with “MILK BREAD EGGS” on the memo line.

The boys established the ministry after volunteering for the Salvation Army. When volunteering at a Salvation Army food pantry event, Christopher noticed something missing from the food items that were being distributed.

“Chris asked, ‘Where’s the milk, bread and eggs? You can’t do anything without them,’” Mitchell said.

The two young men decided to use their own money to provide these perishables to those in need.

Donations to Angels in the Attic

Angels in the Attic, a local 501(c)3 nonprofit, still is accepting donations, as well.

Some needs in the Arkansas City area have been met thanks to other organizations in town.

For example, the Ark City Tumbleweeds donated five Walmart carts full of toys for children.

The Bobby Estus Memorial Bike Ride donated 37 bicycles this year.

The ABATE Toy Run, the local Girl Scouts, Winfield Family Video, JAG-K, and many others also have contributed toys and perishable items this holiday season.

Other giving opportunities

Other giving opportunities in Arkansas City include the following entities:

  • North Pole, Kansas, located in Scott’s Auto Body at 500 S. Summit St.;
  • Family Life Services, located at 305 S. Summit St., or call (620) 442-1688;
  • Eagles Nest, located at 112 E. Ninth Ave. in Winfield, or call (620) 229-8282.