The Cowley College Board of Trustees recognized former board member Sid Regnier during its regular meeting April 17.

Sid Regnier


Regnier resigned his position on the college board of trustees at the end of the March meeting. He was involved at the college for 43 years.

“I’ve enjoyed it, I really have. I started in 1974,” Regnier said.

He spent 26 years in service to the college as the vice president of business services before retiring in 2000.

Cowley College’s bookstore was named after him that same year.

Regnier then spent the past two years as a member of the college’s elected board of trustees.

He cited health issues as the reason he submitted his letter of resignation.

“Last month, we learned that Mr. Regnier was going to be stepping down from the board due to health reasons,” said Cowley College President Dennis Rittle. “Because of your great service … we’d like to recognize you for your service from 2015 to 2017; we’d like to thank you so much.”

Rittle handed Regnier a plaque and those in attendance gave the former board member a standing ovation.

“Thank you all. I’d like to say a few words. I know it was a surprise a month ago, but things don’t happen overnight,” Regnier said.

“I’d like to thank the students and all of the employees of the college (who) have kept me in their thoughts and prayers. I’ve been through one week of treatment, started the second and had a good report today. I have another six or seven weeks to go.

“I thank the Holy Father for taking care of me each day and I know that He is going to have His will come (through).”

Regnier indicated he did not want to step down, but revealed that the decision was based on the amount of involvement the board needs.

“To all the employees of the college, I will always believe in you and wish you success as you strive to continue to brand Cowley College the best institution it has always been,” Regnier said in March.

“You’ll find nobody as dedicated (to Cowley College) any more than Sid Regnier,” said board chair Bob Juden.

No announcements have been made regarding filling Regnier’s vacant seat.