Samurai Jack is coming back and I am so excited for his return.

Truth be told, I was sad to see him go the first time. But fans should be elated to learn that the new limited series will premiere on March 11.

For those who don’t know, “Samurai Jack” was a cartoon created by Genndy Tartokovsky in 2001.

Jack’s sole mission is to find his way back to the past to undo the “evil of Aku” — who, as I recall, was a “shape-shifting demon” hell-bent on destroying the culture of Jack’s youth.

The show lasted for four years and despite the overarching goal of Jack’s obsession, the cartoon remained pure.

Tartokovsky had his own style, but “Samurai Jack” combined elements of Japanese art with futuristic shapes and concepts.

The landscapes of Jack’s reality are vivid, intricate designs that still have the same simplistic lines seen in Japanese art.

Jack was voiced by Phil LaMarr, whose career started in 1983 with the “Mr. T” cartoon.

He is better known as the voice of Hermes Conrad on “Futurama” or as any number of voices in various Marvel-based cartoons.

The voice of Aku was supplied by Iwamatsu Mako, who died in 2006.

It has been 13 years since the last episode of “Samurai Jack” was released, with no closure.

There was no epic battle with Aku in the final episode and, while the viewers were given a typical “Samurai Jack” episode, there were questions left unanswered. Foremost among them: Why did the series end so abruptly?

Jack hasn’t aged, according to the new series’ teaser. The cartoon may be set 50 years in the future and, while Aku might have disappeared, his evil remains.

I believe we could be in for a much darker version of “Samurai Jack” this time around.