The SandS strawberry lip balm is one of my favorite lip products.sands

I have been using it for nearly two weeks and my lips have not been this moisturized in some time.

There are very few lip products available that have given me such great results and, given how dry my skin has been this winter, it very well might be the most moisturizing lip product I’ve ever used.

Another of the products I had the opportunity to try — and loved — was the SandS coconut milk hand lotion.

This lotion smells of coconut and, while it felt somewhat watery to begin with, the lotion absorbed well into my skin.

All six of my family members who tried the lotion during the holiday weekend also liked it — and each of us has a different type of skin.

The lack of residue on my skin after rubbing the lotion in is one of its best benefits. Too often, it seems lotions that provide adequate moisture also deposit a filmy layer or leave my hands feeling wet.

The SandS coconut sea salt hair spritz, on the other hand, took some of the excess oil out of my hair. I have a great appreciation for that, because my hair tends to be oily.

Any of the SandS products I’ve tried, including soap and wax fragrance melts, I would encourage others to try, as well.