Class rings are a longstanding tradition for high school students. This tradition is thought to have begun in the 1800s at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York.

Schmidt Jewelers

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Each year, high school students purchase their own ring, but many don’t realize these rings can be obtained from many different sources.

In Arkansas City, it is possible to buy a class ring from local jewelry store Schmidt Jewelers.

“We ordered (a) class ring from Schmidt Jewelers,” said Chanel Almond-Stroud. “They are amazing to work with.”

Luke and Blanche Schmidt opened the doors of their jewelry store on Sept. 9, 1999.

Schmidt offers a wide range of styles and details for class rings. Learn more at

“There are a ton of options to choose from,” said Luke Schmidt.

Whether a student is involved in music, sports or just wants to exhibit pride in his or her ancestry, custom engravings are available. Some of the more traditional styles start as low as $260.

“Don’t be pressured to use Jostens just because the school gives you the brochure,” Almond-Stroud recommended.

“We got it in three weeks, it was less expensive then Jostens, (and) it comes with a great warranty and from people we trust.”

More details, such as metal and jewel options, can be seen at the jewelry store, located at 226 S. Summit St.

“Shop local, support your community and get amazing customer service!” Almond-Stroud said.

“I should also mention that we got a handwritten thank-you card in the mail after our purchase. Who else would you get that from?”