Nicky Terrill, laboratory aide for South Central Kansas Medical Center, was named the Integrity Healthcare Professionals Lifesaver of the Month for December.

Terrill named Lifesaver of the Month

Courtesy photo

South Central Kansas Medical Center laboratory aide Nicky Terrill, right, with her father, Mervin Bruce. was named the Integrity Healthcare Professionals Lifesaver of the Month for December after donating a kidney to Bruce.

Terrill was nominated for donating a kidney to her father, Mervin Bruce, who has polycystic kidney disease (PKD).

PKD is a hereditary kidney disease that causes clusters of cysts to develop within the kidneys. In time, the cysts cause the kidneys to enlarge and lose function. Bruce’s kidney function had been declining and was approaching the need for dialysis.

Since Terrill didn’t inherit the disease, she decided to see if she was a match to donate one of her kidneys. It was determined that she was a match, so Terrill began the process of testing to ensure that donating her kidney would be safe, both for her father and for herself.

Once the testing was complete, the surgeries were scheduled at St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri.

“The surgeries went well and her kidney started functioning for her dad right away,” said Lois Faber, Terrill’s supervisor at SCKMC.

“He is doing great and one of the doctors said from looking at him now, he would never believe that he’d just had a kidney transplant.”

Terrill now is on the road to recovery, back at work and growing stronger each day.

“There was never a doubt in her mind that she would do this for her father,” Faber said.

This information was provided by South Central Kansas Medical Center Marketing Director Clayton Pappan.