Season three of “Rick and Morty” finally has started — after fans originally were told the season would be released in late 2016.

Adult Swim released the season premiere April 1, which might or might not have been a long term April Fool’s joke.

The premiere itself was uploaded to YouTube and may or may not be available still.

The season itself is set to come out later this summer — hopefully.

We left off last season with the arrest of Rick, which followed a wedding between Bird Person and a woman who ended up being a spy.

Bird Person did not fare well — and neither did most of Rick’s friends.

In the wake of a horrifyingly bloody wedding reception worthy of George R.R. Martin, the Smiths all ended up on a tiny planet.

It is on this tiny planet that Rick hears Jerry plotting to turn him in.

Essentially, we were left on a sad note, something that doesn’t happen often in “Rick and Morty,” despite Rick’s catchphrase.

At any rate, this season premiere has been long awaited.

One of the best surprises is that Nathan Fillion makes a guest appearance as a bug from the galactic government.

I’ll try not to give any spoilers, but I will confirm that Rick still is incarcerated, that we will see an origin story — whether it is true or not is questionable — and we will see the rest of the family.

If you recall, the last episode of the second season showed an Earth that had been taken over by the government.

Jerry is the only one who seems to function in this version of Earth, which is something we all should have seen coming.

In the words of Rick, “Rick and Morty forever. And forever. 100 years, Rick and Morty.”

Or at least several more seasons.