One local Arkansas City Middle School teacher is using to raise funds for classroom microscopes.

Rittle“We are part of a rural school district with a large number of students on free and reduced lunches and breakfast,” seventh-grade teacher Christy Rittle posted to the fundraising site.

“Many of my students have not traveled and have had limited opportunities to engage in unique experiences.”

There are many students in her classroom who never have looked through a microscope.

However, as they study life science, the students will learn about cells.

Microscopes will help Rittle’s students to grasp the concept of cells, which are too small to see without the aid of modern technology.

If she is able to raise the funds, she will be able to teach her students about the microscopes themselves, as well as use the microscopes to learn about cells.

“They will see cell membranes, cell walls, nuclei and, potentially, other organelles,” Rittle said. “Once my students fully understand cells and organelles, we will learn about the organization of life, genetics and ecology.”

“This unit about cells, with the use of microscopes, will be the foundation upon which our school year of life science will be built,” she added.

Rittle is seeking funds for two microscopes, at a cost of $278.10 each, plus the funds for miscellaneous fees such as tax and shipping.

The total for her project is $689.37. However, DonorsChoose “encourages donors to dedicate 15 percent of their donations to support the work” they do.

The total suggested, 15 percent extra, comes to $121.65. So far, $163.20 has been donated to this project.

The full details can be viewed at

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