Photo by JENI McGEE

The Arkalalah Medallion has been found by Arkansas City resident Kenneth Shearmire.

This is not the first time that Shearmire has found the medallion, nor is it the first time he found it in Robert Cox Park on North Fifth Street.

Shearmire said he found the star-shaped object in the rafters of the park’s picnic table gazebo.

He said he didn’t even look at the clues. The reason he was looking in Cox Park was because that was where he had found the medallion as a child.

“I was 10, so my brother had to claim it,” Shearmire said.

However, he was looking for a coin, like he had found 12 years ago. Twelve years ago, the coin was taped down.

The medallion was found in record time in 2004 — before any of the clues were published.