The Arkansas City Public School District’s summer school program is drawing to a close this year, after a summer full of projects.

Summer school in the district is used primarily to help students to catch up with their grade level.

During the summer, teachers use project-based learning to help the students catch up to their peers.

This type of learning model provides students with both classroom work and the opportunity to do hands-on learning.

From first grade through middle school, all USD 470 summer school students were involved in some kind of project.

First and fourth grades

The first-graders were involved in a weather project together.

This group of students had a chance to meet with KAKE News meteorologist Ben Pringle, who is an Ark City High School graduate.

The fourth-graders worked together on a plan for a dog park. The hypothetical dog park was designed by the students.

They met with a Winfield student who is working to create a dog park in that city.

“It’s been fun to watch them adapt their plans when they learn new things,” said Ark City Middle School academic coach Ann Headrick.

Middle schoolers

Arkansas City Middle School students studied the home front during World War II.

They were able to meet with a World War II veteran, as well as Veteran of Foreign Wars Kansas State Commander Michael Holland.

Their project presentation will take place at 9:45 a.m. June 29 in the Ark City Middle School auditorium.

The entire summer school also was involved in a project to provide comfort care cases for foster kids.

The students stuffed backpacks with items such as a throw blanket, toothbrushes, soap and more.

These cases will be given to local children who are in the foster care system.

Second and third grades

The second- and third-graders worked together on a project called #ACtsofkindess, which centered on performing random acts of kindness around Ark City.

“It has been wonderful for the kids,” Headrick said. “They have been able to see how their actions have affected others.”

The students performed many acts of random kindness, including helping the fire-EMS department with washing trucks and cleaning out the vehicle bay.

They also left sidewalk chalk messages in front of City Hall, reminding others that they are “awesome” and admonishing them to “be somebody’s friend.”

Ironically, these students were on the receiving end of a random act of kindness themselves from the Arkansas City Police Department.

“When the children were outside of City Hall, writing with the chalk, the officers came over with popsicles for the students,” Headrick said.

This group will present its project at 8:30 a.m. June 29 at Roosevelt Elementary School.