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Know signs, risk factors of breast cancer to maximize chance of treatment

Breast cancer is is the second most common cancer in women, according to the National Cancer Institute. It can occur in men, too, but that is more rare. Each year, there are about 100 times more new cases of breast cancer in women than in men. How do you know if […]

Seven simple, sensible rules for maintaining firearms safety in your home

Living with firearms in a home can be dangerous if you don’t know how to be responsible with them. In Kansas, laws have been passed that allow a person to carry concealed in many places, including public buildings, churches and college campuses. Clearly, gun ownership is popular in Kansas, which […]

Preparing for an emergency: What to eat or drink and how to find it

Kansas weather can be unpredictable and there is no telling the damage that it is capable of. If an earthquake, severe thunderstorm or tornado strikes, will you be prepared? The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has provided tips for preparing in case of an emergency. The most important thing is […]

McDonald’s Sewing and Vacuum now offers affordable selection of fabric

McDonald’s Sewing and Vacuum has received new fabric for those who want to quilt or pursue any other kind of sewing project. “We just got our first shipment in last (month),” said owner Patrick McDonald. He said he always wanted to have fabric at the store, but never had sufficient […]

K’ an D’ Pharmacy offers compliance packaging as one of many services

K’ an D’ Pharmacy is a local business that began in 2008. It is owned and run by Daren and Kechia Reese, who both were born and raised here in Arkansas City. The Reeses began their own business because they thought Ark City needed something new and they wanted to […]

WB Meats offers wide variety of products, including ribeye, bacon burgers

WB Meats is a local family business, owned by Mike Webb and Kelly Borror, that is centered on strong values with a desire to bring old-fashioned meat to Arkansas City and the areas around it. Opening a business was something this duo wanted to do for a long time. That […]