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Letter to the Editor from Richard Schneider: Appoint Michael Bergagnini

The votes are in, the citizens of Cowley County have spoken and now it is time for the Cowley College Board of Trustees to act. We re-elected three incumbents — Ned Graham, Bob Juden and Brian Sanderholm — to the board, and added to their number former county commissioner Gary […]

Candidate Q&A: Michael Bergagnini — Cowley College Board of Trustees

Name: Michael A. Bergagnini Position you are running for: Cowley College Trustee Family members (e.g. spouse, children, grandchildren): Wife, daughter, 17 grandchildren, seven great-grands to-date. Daughter and several grands attended Cowley College; some of the greats probably will, too. How long have you lived in Cowley County? 35 years. I […]

Police department announces pending enforcement of out-of-state tags law

The Arkansas City Police Department announced its intentions to crack down on illegal out-of-state vehicle tags in a Facebook post April 4. “If you live in Cowley County, you must register your vehicle in Cowley County,” the post states. The two legal exceptions to this law are if the individual […]