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Three SCKMC physicians move specialty clinic to Winfield Medical Arts

Three South Central Kansas Medical Center physicians are relocating their clinic practices from the medical center campus to Winfield Medical Arts. Dr. Tyson Blatchford, general surgeon; Dr. Perry Lin, obstetrics and gynecology; and Dr. Willie Posey II, internal medicine and cardiology, will begin seeing patients at their new clinic, located […]

SCKMC, city officials have discussion; Public Building Commission meets

South Central Kansas Medical Center administrators fielded serious questions from Arkansas City Mayor Dan Jurkovich and City Manager Nick Hernandez during the Sept. 28 meeting of the SCKMC Board of Trustees. The questions came on the heels of SCKMC’s announced intention to scale back a project that had showed significant […]

SCKMC scaling back lab outreach program with $1.1M revenue in 2017

In a Sept. 19 update to the City Commission of Arkansas City, South Central Kansas Medical Center officials reported the hospital would be scaling back its laboratory outreach program. “That’s probably not something we’re going to do going forward,” said SKCMC chief executive officer Virgil Watson. To date in 2017, […]

DARE Camp pairs summer fun with serious scenarios to set kids straight

Ark City Police Department officers and staff spent several days this week at DARE Camp, teaching middle schoolers about drugs, alcohol and bullying. School Resource Officer Chase Hobart, who is assigned to Arkansas City Middle School, was among the officers on hand to educate the students. Serious discussion topics were […]

Health recognition weeks overlap at South Central Kansas Medical Center

May is home to two of the nation’s largest health care recognition weeks, National Nurses Week and National Hospital Week. South Central Kansas Medical Center recently held events for both of these special occasions. National Nurses Week has been celebrated since 1954, although it was not recognized officially until President […]

Dr. Perry Lin expands his OB/GYN practice to South Central Kansas Clinic

After five years as Arkansas City’s first full-time OB/GYN, Dr. Perry Lin is expanding his practice to a second location. In addition to his established practice through the SCKMC Specialty Clinic, located on the South Central Kansas Medical Center campus, Lin now is accepting new patients through South Central Kansas […]

SCKMC reports profit in February after hospital census nearly doubles

South Central Kansas Medical Center is finally showing profit. “Right now, we’re in the black,” Chief Financial Officer Holly Harper said during Thursday morning’s meeting of the SCKMC Board of Trustees. “That’s exciting!” Last month saw $150,569 of profit, compared to a loss of $344,813 in February 2016. In addition […]

340B pharmacy program to begin April 1 at South Central Kansas Clinic

A prescription discount program that could offer significant out-of-pocket savings to some patients has been approved for implementation at South Central Kansas Clinic. The federal program is called 340B and it has been in place since 2015 at South Central Kansas Medical Center. “Starting April 1, the discount program becomes […]

Year 2016 featured quakes, elections, Burford opening, funding decisions

The year 2016 began with tremors felt in Arkansas City. A group of more than 20 earthquakes in and around Fairview, Oklahoma, included two significant quakes that were felt right here at home. The strongest of them topped out at 4.7 and 4.9 magnitude on the Richter scale, respectively. The […]

SCKMC Board of Trustees writes off $82,000 in charity care

Finances continue to be a central concern for staff at South Central Kansas Medical Center, City of Arkansas City officials and citizens at large. During the Oct. 20 Board of Trustees meeting, several key factors in SCKMC’s financial outlook were discussed, including health care consultant Quorum Health Resources’ recent survey […]