Local salon Tan 10 and Nails 2 recently has undergone an extensive facelift, which soon will include a name change.

Tan 10 and Nails 2

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“We haven’t picked a name yet,” said salon owner Amanda Shelton. “I have three different ones coming back to me with the logo and all of girls will choose one.”

The salon has changed on the inside, as well — and not for the first time.

Shelton purchased Tan 10 and Nails 2, which is located at 111 E. Washington Ave., six years ago from Lois Jennings.

Prior to when Jennings owning the salon, it was owned by Bobby Lewis.

When Shelton took over six years ago, she made several changes to the salon. For instance, the carpet was pulled up and replaced with tile.

“(We) added pedicure chairs and a nail tech (this time),” she said.

Tan 10 and Nails 2

Courtesy photo

“We added spray tanning and now we are getting rid of tanning beds as of Dec 31. We hope to be adding an automatic spray tan unit soon after the first of the year.”

The tanning beds in the salon are being sold and the rooms in which they sat are being converted into hair rooms — almost like miniature hair salons.

The stylists have free rein to decorate their areas, Shelton said. But the salon still will have an intimate aesthetic.

“Everyone can still converse, but the stylists have more one-on-one time with their clients,” she said.

Anyone wishing to schedule an appointment or interested in purchasing a tanning bed can call Tan 10 and Nails 2 at (620) 441-0404.