Several residents of Cowley County have reported receiving scam telephone calls during the weekend from a caller who falsely identified himself as a member of the Cowley County Sheriff’s Office.

The caller told these citizens that there were warrants out for their arrest.

Some of the reporting citizens said the caller wanted the person being called to pay bond money and, on one occasion, was to meet with them in Dillons parking lot to collect.

One of the citizens checked with their attorney, who told them it was a scam, and they did not go to meet the suspect.

It since has been learned that the caller has contacted other residents in other counties, claiming to be with other law enforcement agencies.

The caller also has asked for names and dates of birth, and can become aggressive and threaten immediate arrest.

He often knows the name of the people he is calling.

The Cowley County Sheriff’s Office did not make these calls and will not call people to serve an arrest warrant.

The only places bonds can be paid are in the county clerk’s office or in the jail upon release — no bonds will be collected anywhere else.

Do not give personal information over the phone.

Those who receive a call such as this are asked to record the phone number on their caller ID and report the call to the Cowley County Sheriff’s Office at (620) 221-5444 during business hours, or by calling 441-4444 after hours and on weekends.

This information was provided by the Cowley County Sheriff’s Office.