A recent rash of thefts in Wichita serves as a cautionary tale for Arkansas City residents as Wichitans become victims of theft after being visited by alleged vacuum salespeople.

The Wichita Eagle reports the suspects usually are a man and woman, but they are not dressed as would be expected for door-to-door salespeople, nor do they carry any identification.

Individuals who have become victims of theft report cash and jewelry missing. But there have been no reports of such thefts in Ark City.

Still, citizens always can take precautions to ensure that they remain safe and their homes remain secure.

If an unknown or suspicious individual comes to the door and claims to be selling a product, do not let him or her into the home.

“Call 441-4444 for an officer to come out and attempt to make contact with the salesman,” said Arkansas City Police Department Capt. Mark McCaslin.

In Arkansas City, door-to-door salespersons must carry a license issued by the city clerk in order to be legally able to sell on private property within the city limits.

The following additional suggestions come from www.safewise.com:

  • Keep travel plans offline — by putting their travel plans on any public forum, people inform the general populace that they will not be home.
  • Notify a neighbor — if planning to be gone, make sure someone is checking the property to make sure no one has attempted to break in.
  • Hide any Christmas gifts — gifts are a commonly stolen commodity.
  • If items are being delivered to the home, try to make sure someone will be home to put the packages inside immediately.

“Or have it delivered to another address, where it won’t be left on the porch for someone to take it,” McCaslin said.