The South Central Kansas Medical Center physical therapy department recently added a new member to its team of therapists.

SCKMC expands therapy programAmanda Buttress has a master of physical therapy degree and more than a decade of therapy experience.

“I have, in the 11 years I have done this, been in rural health 9 1/2 to 10 of those years,” Buttress said.

“I just feel that rural health care is where I am supposed to be. I like the variety. I’m excited to be here, and I feel like there is a lot of room for growth within the therapy department.”

Buttress’ experience includes specialized services such as aquatic and pediatric therapies.

“The outpatient clinic I have been at for the last three years did aquatics with the majority of our patients,” she said.

“Typically, our back patients would start out in the pool, because that is where they get the most relief and are able to tolerate more. I also have worked with some spinal cord injury patients in the pool, as well as general orthopedic joint pain.”

However, Pattie Brown, physical therapist and department manager for SCKMC’s therapy department, is most excited about Buttress’ interest in pediatric care.

“I’m glad she’s here,” Brown said. “(Pediatric therapy) opens up a whole new age group that we can work with again, everything from birth up to starting school. It just helps with that child’s developmental delays and motor skills.

“It also helps with their total body development language, cognitive because they have to a lot of processing in terms of gaining their strength and overriding the basic reflexes that are sometimes inhibiting what we can normally do. Little ones sometimes aren’t able to do that, and that is where a person like Amanda can step in and start getting those reflexes to subside and develop normal motor patterns again so they can be functional.”

Brown and Buttress stress that families with newborns and young children should stay in regular contact with their health care providers.

“It’s just imperative that your little ones get checked along the way for any kind of developmental delays, and then get services for that,” Brown said. “It just makes parent’s lives and little ones’ lives so much better.”

Buttress, who has three children of her own, said she enjoys helping patients and working with families for an improved quality of life.

“Being able to see a patient progress, or get better knowing where they started and seeing them get relief of pain, or gaining mobility and independence back, and knowing that I had a part in that is my favorite part of physical therapy,” she said.

SCKMC’s physical therapy services require a physician’s order for a physical therapy evaluation.

The referral may come from either a patient’s family physician or specialist.

For more information about SCKMC’s physical therapy services, contact a physician or call the physical therapy department at (620) 442-2500.

This information was provided by South Central Kansas Medical Center Marketing Director Clayton Pappan.