The four government entities that tax Arkansas City residents have announced their estimated mill levies for the 2018 fiscal year.

The four entities that assess property taxes are the Arkansas City Public School District, the City of Arkansas City, Cowley College and Cowley County.

In 2018, the overall mill levy will total 191.97 mills, which is an increase of about 3.5 mills from 2017 levels.

The City Commission of Arkansas City voted to keep its mill levy below 70 mills again. Last year, commissioners approved a mill levy of 70.51 for 2017, but the final amount was 69.656 mills.

For 2018, the commissioners have approved a budget of 69.999 mills, which includes a 2-percent cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for employees for the third straight year.

Cowley College

The Cowley College Board of Trustees voted to keep the college’s operating budget at 18.99 mills, which is flat from 2017.

However, the college also has approved an additional mill levy for capital outlay.

This mill levy is 1.25 mills and it will be on the books for the next five years.

Within the operating budget, there is a 3-percent COLA for full-time college employees.

Public schools

Unified School District 470 saw a small increase in its approved budget.

USD 470’s 2017 budget is 56.312 mills, which will rise slightly to 56.80 mills in 2018.

The school district’s budget includes a COLA, as well, per Kansas statute.

The total average increase in teacher salaries is 5.28 percent.

The exact percentage for each individual will vary, depending upon his or her years of service and level of degree attainment.

Cowley County

Cowley County also increased its mill levy for 2018.

This year, it was set at 43.449 mills, but in 2018, it will be 44.932 mills.

This increase also includes a 1.5-percent COLA for full-time county employees.