The South Central Kansas Medical Center Board of Trustees held a “mini-retreat” on July 27 to begin re-evaluating the organization’s long-term strategic plan.

SCKMC Board of Trustees retreat

Photo by JENI McGEE

The retreat was facilitated by Audrey Dunkel, senior director of financial advocacy for the Kansas Hospital Association, and lasted approximately three hours following a regular board meeting.

The goal of the retreat was to identify SCKMC’s overall strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats facing the medical center — both now and within the next several years.

Through this discussion, five major topics were identified as “strategic areas” crucial for continued growth — financial stability, strategic growth, quality care and patient safety, culture and talent, and community relationships. The trustees discussed several ideas pertaining to each topic, such as:

  • the hospital’s current payer mix, as it relates to financial stability;
  • market share distribution and strategic growth;
  • availability and access to primary care providers for quality care;
  • competitive hurdles in regional recruitment of clinical and ancillary staff;
  • building recruitment networks within local organizations to retain talent located in the community.

“It really just dovetails into the Quorum (Health Resources) study,” said Virgil Watson, SCKMC’s chief executive officer. Quorum performed a “deep dive” into hospital finances and operations last summer, in an effort funded by the City of Arkansas City and authorized by the city’s Public Building Commission as part of the medical center’s bond requirements.

“Everybody understands that we don’t know what is going to happen with health care going forward, but reimbursement and building relationships are, in my mind, what will benefit us the most,” Watson said. “We need to keep our ears to the ground and vet every possibility for additional revenue sources.”

In the upcoming months, the SCKMC Board of Trustees will focus on each of these major topics to discuss goals and develop strategies that will serve as the foundation of the management team’s long-term plan for the organization.

This information was provided by South Central Kansas Medical Center Marketing Director Clayton Pappan.