One Arkansas City business is offering an ancestry DNA screening special for the upcoming holiday season.

Testing Services Limited (TSL) is a homegrown company owned by Linda Boswell.

Boswell, a former nurse of 25 years, opened the business in 2014.

Testing Services Limited is located at 1423 S. Summit St. and can be contacted at (620) 441-9333.

Ancestry DNA special

TSL will offer the ancestry DNA screening for $150.

The first three people who pre-purchase the screening will be able to purchase it at a discounted price.

Individuals who wish to take the DNA test will have to go to TSL to be swabbed.

After the DNA sample arrives at the lab, the results take approximately one week to be sent back to TSL.

The screening provides general, broad strokes about from where an individual’s family hails.

Drug prevention and testing

Boswell has a passion for keeping people drug-free, and she often speaks to local organizations and schools in an effort to keep kids off drugs.

“I am available to speak to schools, church groups, (and) civic groups about the incidence and the consequences of drug use,” she said.

Boswell also said that if anyone has questions about drugs or about effects, she would be happy to speak to them. “Advice is free,” she said.

TSL currently offers traditional drug testing services to employers, as well as hair collection drug testing.

In addition, the company can perform breath alcohol testing, Physical Capacity Profile testing, DNA collections, insurance physicals and fingerprinting services.

Physical Capacity Profile

Physical Capacity Profile testing is required by some employers to certify candidates are physically able to complete tasks for the job they are seeking.

“We have everybody certified at Creekstone, L.G. Pike and KanPak,” Boswell said. The City of Arkansas City also uses Physical Capacity Profile testing.

TSL has been open for three years now and the company is thriving, processing nearly 150 tests per month.

Boswell and her employee both are able to do testing — not only at the business, but on site, as well.

A Physical Capacity Profile takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Vision and color blindness tests sometimes are included in the testing, depending on employer specifications.

The Physical Capacity Profile test costs $125.

DNA on Layaway

TSL also offers DNA on Layaway, but only for paternity testing.

The layaway process allows customers to pay in increments, instead of all at once.

This DNA test shows probability of paternity and will hold up in a court of law.

“There is a very strict chain of custody that has to be followed,” Boswell said.

The first $100 payment is for DNA sample collection. The second $100 is to send the DNA sample to a laboratory for testing.

The final payment of $150 is collected for the release of the lab results.

CPR classes at TSL

TSL also offers CPR classes, which are available on request and can be held on site.

Boswell said she would like to start offering classes that are limited to groups of at least eight people in each class.

The classes run $45 each for just CPR or $75 for both CPR and first aid.

CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation.