A local Arkansas City resident can rest more easily now, thanks to a reunion with her four-legged friend, Tucker.

15420972_1229774580437495_652073802620615354_nTucker is a Blue Heeler Australian shepherd that went missing Dec. 3

His owner, Kylee Scobee, used social media to let the community know that her dog was missing.

“We have had him since the day he was born. He is about six months old,” she said Dec. 20.

Scobee offered a reward for Tucker’s return and posted pictures of him so people could contact her if they spotted him.

Tucker also has been having trouble with his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and has been taking medication because of it.

Scobee said she was concerned about his not having the medication.

“No questions asked … please bring our baby back home,” she posted several times in the last two weeks.

Tucker’s journey began in the 1000 block of South Sixth Street. During the time he was gone, several well-meaning citizens kept their eyes open, routinely letting Scobee know when they spotted the dog. But for 17 days, Tucker remained not found.

“We put up flyers, and walked and drove everywhere,” Scobee said.

She also talked to the Cowley County Humane Society and police departments in Arkansas City, Newkirk, Winfield, and Ponca City, Oklahoma.

There were about four instances when people thought they had seen Tucker, but Scobee was not able to find him afterward.

But she said she never gave up hope of finding Tucker.

“Someone texted me this last weekend, saying they thought it was him. Luckily, we knew one of the neighbors. This morning, she saw him running around and snapped a pic of him, and we hurried over there,” Scobee said.

She posted  the good news Tuesday night on Facebook: “Thanks, everyone, for your help in trying to find my dog. He is home safe. We found him today. Anyone whose fur baby is missing, don’t give up hope.”

As a bonus, the people who ultimately found Tucker did not ask for the reward.