There will be a wedding cake tasting event July 12 in Wilson Park during the weekly Arkansas City Farm and Art Market.

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

Brittany Carder, who owns Colorful Events Bakery LLC, will offer flavor tastings to potential wedding cake clients.

The event will allow couples searching for a baker to shop around a bit, without needing to have a traditional one-on-one sit-down session with a plate.

“I’m getting a lot of people wanting wedding cakes made, but instead of scheduling individual sit-downs with people, I think this would be a fun way to accomplish the same goal and also take the pressure off of a meeting-style cake tasting,” Carder said.

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

This is the first time she will offer up her wedding cake options in a market-style setting.

“I do the farmers’ markets because it’s a fun way of meeting people,” Carder said.

She and her family are new to the area, but she has sold her wares at the market for two seasons.

With the cakes, Carder brings a slideshow and a book that features all of her cakes.

“I wouldn’t be able to do cupcakes or cakes each week because it’s too hot, so I just do the other fun baked goods just to be there,” she said.

Last week, she brought rainbow bagels and “unicorn poop cookies.”

Carder said her passion for baking started around six years ago.

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

“I had a stressful job for six years and started finding myself baking. Then I had an apartment fire because of another person in the building, lost everything, and started taking cake decorating classes as an evening hobby as therapy and as a distraction,” she said.

She continued to bake and decorate cakes for friends and family.

“I decided to start a bakery business because so many people enjoyed my work, and I have so much fun making cakes,” Carder said.

Her trek to Ark City was spurred by the search for a good environment in which to raise her 3-year-old daughter.

“We wanted a good neighborhood for her, which we found, and a calmer environment to grow up in. It also places her right in between all of her grandparents,” she said.

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

On July 12, Carder still will offer her regular pastries on one table. On another, she will have samples of her wedding cake flavors, frostings and fillings.

There also will be dummy cakes and menus of what she has available.

Carder also will be at the Winfield Farm and Art Market on July 16.