Every winter, I battle my hands’ natural desire to dry out.

wild-ivyWhenever autumn rolls around, the dryness starts at the sides of my fingers and works its way to my palms, leaving me embarrassed to shake other people’s hands.

So this year, at the first sign of trouble, I started using some Wild Ivy soap that Paisley Howerton, one of the co-owners of Wild Ivy Natural Products, dropped off for me to try.

Boy, could I ever tell the difference between it and store-bought soap! My hands automatically felt a little softer.

The soap was so impressive that I had to try some other products out on my hands.

After selecting sugar scrub and body butter, I also ended up picking up lip balm and a roll-on oil that is supposed to promote focus.

I was somewhat skeptical of the roll-on, just because I never had tried anything like it before, but the prices are so reasonable that I decided to chance it.

Well, I loved all of the products I have tried. Most surprising, I feel the roll-on actually did help me to focus on several occasions.

Currently, the sugar scrub and body butter are battling for the title of my favorite product.

The scrub instantly helps with dry skin and the body butter makes it feel buttery soft.

However, it takes me a while to rub all of the butter in, but I suppose I could be using too much — I blame the fact that it smells like a chocolate peppermint!

I highly recommend these products to anyone looking for natural, effective and fragrant products to use.

They also would be great to give as stocking stuffers or in a gift basket.

Find Wild Ivy Natural Products on Facebook, Etsy or locally at Bee’Tween Friends, located at 206 S. Summit St.