WINFIELD — The Winfield Police Department recently donated a 2007 Ford Crown Victoria to Cowley College’s criminal justice program. The vehicle will be used as a student patrol car.

Cowley College criminal justice program receives donated car

Courtesy photo

FROM LEFT: Cowley College criminal justice instructor Frank Owens receives the keys to a recently donated patrol car from Winfield Police Chief Brett Stone.

Newly hired Winfield Police Chief Brett Stone said he recognizes the value of having a strong criminal justice program at the college.

“Cowley College runs a fantastic criminal justice program,” Stone said. “We have a good relationship and have benefited by hiring students (who) have gone through the program.”

Criminal justice instructor Frank Owens said the program has begun the process of designing side decals for the patrol car. The program also will conduct fundraising activities this fall to raise money for a third patrol car.

“This shows a lot of support from the Winfield Police Department and the students we put out in this field of work,” Owens said. “We hope to start expanding our patrol opportunities.”

Cowley College President Dennis Rittle said partnerships such as these stretch dollars and fuel innovations to the benefit of all.

“On behalf of the students, faculty and staff, thank you to Winfield’s finest for donating this vehicular resource, which will not only provide real-world experience for our criminal justice students, but equally provide a valuable security service to our communities,” Rittle said.

The criminal justice program at Cowley College prepares students for a successful career in law enforcement and corrections. Students participating in the Student Patrol program do so both as a program requirement and also out of a desire to help the community by learning about their chosen profession. The primary focus of Student Patrol is education through experience.

This information was provided by Cowley College Director of Institutional Communications and Public Relations Rama Peroo.