The Cowley County branch of Women for Kansas (W4K) will be host a free coffee at 9:30 a.m. June 4 at CornerBank in Arkansas City.

“Women for Kansas-Cowley County has had great participation in Winfield since the group formed last October. It’s time for Ark City residents, particularly women, to step up and be heard,” said event co-organizer Joan Warren.

“This event is a way to introduce more people in Ark City to W4K and raise awareness of just how critical this year’s state elections are to the future of Kansas,” said co-organizer Tracy Muller.

W4K’s mission is “to recruit, motivate, and educate women who will actively participate in the process of electing moderates to public office and who will advocate for moderate policies,” according to a release.

Among nine core values of W4K are the preservation of excellence in public schools and higher education, a court system free from political influence, and advocacy of health care rights and opportunities.

“There is so much misinformation or lack of information to help Kansans understand what’s happening in Topeka. One area that is particularly troubling is the effort to oust our state Supreme Court justices, who were chosen by a very thorough, transparent process,” Warren said.

“This fall, voters will get to weigh in. While the state’s high court judges are appointed, they must periodically be retained on our ballots. Five out of seven spots on the bench are up for retention votes this year. It is crucial that voters understand how important this issue is and what would happen if Kansas lost its fair and impartial court system.”

Founded as a nonpartisan group in 2013, W4K now pursues a vision “to restore integrity, transparency, fiscal responsibility and balance to Kansas by electing moderate candidates to public office,” the release states.

W4K focuses on educating voters on the issues rather than endorsing individual candidates. “Kansas women have the energy and drive to effect change,” Muller said.

“We provide members with tools and information they can take back to their communities to engage in the political process. If you are concerned about the direction of our state and are serious about changing it, we urge you to come to the coffee and find out how you can get involved.”

W4K currently has 11 chapters working together throughout the state.

Membership is open both to women and men, and many events, such as the June 4 coffee, are open to the public.

For more information, call Muller at (620) 307-6290 or Warren at (316) 706-6330, or email