WINFIELD — Women for Kansas-Cowley County, in conjunction with the Wichita-based Show Me The Votes Foundation, will conduct a citizens exit poll at the First Christian Church polling site at 904 Alexander St. in Winfield.

Everyone is invited to participate in the exit poll following the casting of their ballots between the voting hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Nov. 8 at First Christian Church. This survey is anonymous and all choices will remain private. Citizen participation is invaluable.

This exit poll is sponsored by Show Me The Votes Foundation, a nonprofit corporation that was set up by Elizabeth Clarkson, a statistician at Wichita State University, to advocate for audits to assure the accuracy of voting machines in Kansas.

Those interested may read more about her efforts at

A citizens exit poll is run by citizen volunteers, rather than corporations or political organizations. The surveyors are private citizens volunteering their time to collect this information, which will be made publicly available following the election, at no charge, at the website noted above.

“A citizens exit poll is a way to get an independent count of the votes cast on the machines at this local polling place. We can check the validity of the reported counts by comparing them with our exit poll results,” said Pam Moreno, Women for Kansas-Cowley County leadership team member.

“Some may think this whole exercise is a big waste of time. However, there are good reasons to conduct this exit poll here in Winfield. Currently in Cowley County, the electronic voting machines do not provide paper records, so there is no way to audit the results after an election to verify that results were accurate.

“This exit poll is a way to independently verify the reported machine totals. If the results lie outside a reasonable margin of error for our poll, it is an indication that our voting machines are not accurately reporting the totals.”

Volunteers still are needed to conduct the citizens exit poll and for the tabulation phase that will follow. The volunteer process will be fun and interesting. If interested, call Moreno at (620) 262-2326 or email

Women for Kansas-Cowley County is part of a statewide effort that includes 11 chapters. For more information on the local chapter, call Pam Moreno at (620) 262-2326 or, or Tracy Muller at (202) 277-7850 or