Arkansas City High School graduate Mitchell Wright is enjoying the lifestyle of a modern digital nomad.

Wright currently is working for a worldwide company that employs fewer than 50 people and deals in software.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of his involvement in the company is that he works for from wherever he happens to be.

The company has an office, but its employees often “remote in” to work from as far away as Australia, Germany and India.

Automated marketing describes its purpose as providing “marketing automation for the whole customer life cycle.”

“I’m an ‘onboarding specialist,’” Wright said. “I was the 25th employee and we’ve grown to about 43 to 45, and will likely be over 50 by the end of 2018.”

“We are a Software as a Service (SaaS) company. Our software tracks users inside mobile and web applications, and uses their own activity to trigger automated messages in real time as the users perform the activities.”

These messages could be anything from sending a receipt to a customer who just purchased an item on a website to sending a highly personalized and targeted email to a user who signed up for a free online service, based upon his or her name or another factor.

“When I first started, they bought me an entire home office suite, of my choosing, for me to do my best and most efficient work from home,” Wright said.

Company perks

For Wright, one of the perks of working for the company is that all employees meet together twice a year for company retreats.

“So far, I’ve been to Iceland and Chicago, and we are going to Quebec City in September,” he said.

Wright already has been to several retreats, one in Chicago and another to Iceland.

“Every person was friendly. The food was great — I had fermented shark, puffin and whale-steak sushi,” he said.

“The scenes and waterfalls were like fairy tales. I got to see some of the places from ‘Game of Thrones.’”

Wright way to travel

Travel is one of Wright’s goals for the coming year.

“My major plans are to knock some key items off my travel bucket list this year — Machu Picchu, La Tomatina in Spain (“The Tomato Battle”), running with the bulls in Pamplona (in July 2019), Paris and Rome,” he said.

Wright said his goal is to visit five new countries this year.

“I just love adventure!” he said. “Whether that’s learning a new subject, meeting new people, trying new food or visiting some place (I’ve) never been, it just excites me,”

Well learned

Wright and his family moved to Arkansas City when he was a child, after his father was hired at Creekstone Farms Premium Beef.

He is the youngest of four children, all of who took classes at Cowley College.

So far, Wright earned a degree from Cowley College in 2010 and also has two from Emporia State University.

This fall, he is scheduled to start on a second master’s degree.

Wright also is involved in a company with local origins that he helped to launch, BroCorp.