Locally owned Yoly’s Authentic Mexican Cuisine LLC. has been garnering a name for itself in the last two years.

A staple at the Arkansas City Farm and Art Market, the food’s popularity has grown to the point that customers willingly waiting in a line for more than 30 minutes to place an order.

Yoly Espino and her family are preparing to take the next step for the business and are planning on opening a food truck next month.

“We’re looking at the end of October,” Noemi Espino said. “We’re (doing) catering and the food truck.”

Espino is the daughter of Yolanda Espino and serves as the spokesperson for the company.

Yoly’s offers a plethora of items on their catering menu and can accommodate any event.

“We cater all events,” Noemi said.

The woman behind Yoly’s


Courtesy photo

“My mom never thought about doing anything so serious,” Noemi Espino said. “My mom grew up in the kitchen with her mom. She loves cooking.”

“There are seven of us. (growing up) there was food left over for days.”

“What my mom was looking for was to do something smaller, more intimate,” Espino said. “First impression is everything to us.”

Yoly’s started at the Farm and Art Market, but the opportunity to start a food truck came up when a woman approached the Espinos.

“This lady approached my mom and said that she had a food truck (for sale). The truck sat for a solid year until my mom was (ready) … to push through,” Noemi Espino said.

“Last farmers market we sold out completely within an hour and a half. We brought enough for 70-80 plates. This just makes my mom more excited.”

During the interview, Espino expressed her gratitude for the amount of support that they have seen from the community in the last two years.

“The support that we get from this area has been great. We’re blessed that we’ve had this support,” she said.

Food Truck plans

“We can pull it anywhere we want to go,” Noemi Espino said.


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There are possibilities to participate in large events like Arkalalah next year because they chose to be in a food truck, rather than a static location.

The menu at the food truck is going to be completely different than the catering menu or the menu that is offered at the Farm and Art Market.

“Some of the items that will be offered are carne asada, asada burritos, chicken burritos and nachos.”

Once a month they will have roasted goat, similar to traditional Hawaiian luau roasted pig.

Yoly’s food truck will be located at 1024 W. Madison Ave.

“My parents bought a lot there (several) years ago,” Espino said.

“I see how much she’s put into this and I can’t help but be grateful that she’s my mom.”

For more information, visit Yoly’s on Facebook.